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The Easiest Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies

“Easy” may be an understatement in regards to this recipe. Any recipe that has only 5 ingredients and only 5 steps will most likely become my go-to, 100% of the time. School parties, community get-togethers, impromptu family dinners with long lost cousins; anytime you need a quick sweet treat, spring into action with the easiest chocolate chip pecan cookies!

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Creamy Chocolate Delight with Pecan Meal Crust

There are many names that this dessert goes by but no matter what you call it it doesn’t change the fact that it is ah-maz-ing! It’s much lighter than cheesecake, it offers a delightful delectable sweetness, it boasts a creamy chocolate flair and it’s something I like to refer to as My Favorite Dessert.

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Mama's Secret Recipe Banana Bread

I used to get so excited when mama would make her banana bread. I almost purposely avoided eating fresh bananas because I knew if they turned brown, she would almost always make banana bread to avoid wasting the bananas. Fast forward to today, this is one of our family’s favorite way to start the day, and we are sharing it with you all.

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