This is What Happens with 200 Fourth Graders


What do you get when you have 200 fourth-grade students in one spot? Lots and lots of questions! We had the opportunity to share with local elementary students about pecan farming and all that goes into taking pecans from the tree to the table.

Boys and girls listened intently as they watched the pecan production process. They saw the black gumbo soil that our pecan trees love, different pecan varieties (both in-shell and shelled), cracked pecans and also pecan trees. They all got to hand-crack their own pecan and then received one of our famous hand-roasted pecans as a treat for their attention.


The kids learned of the conservation and stewardship practices we as farmers take to ensure we are growing the best farm fresh pecans possible, while diligently nurturing the nature that surrounds us. They got a peek into the challenges that pecan producers overcome every day to be able to deliver to them tasty pecans every time they want them. Overall, our goal was to bring to light the people behind their yummy food.

We are passionate about sharing our family farming story, and we want to be the first people approached when people have questions. We know first-hand the amount of dedication and self-sacrifice that goes into producing safe and wholesome food for our family and our neighbors. So if you have a question, ask. It is far better to know the truth straight from the source than to rely on those who have never lived the life.

Kalyn Grokett