When We Give Thanks


We are always thankful for so much but it is around the holidays that we are most encouraged to truly reflect on our biggest blessings. Before we get too tied up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays we want to share with you the things we are most thankful for.


1. The opportunity to live a life we love.
Yes, there is so much work that goes into what we do. Growing pecans, nurturing the trees and our ecosystem, taking the nuts from our trees to your table- no easy feats here. But we love it. Being always surround by the natural beauty of nature, and gaining the satisfaction of caring for something and seeing it’s true potential is something we are so thankful for.


2. The chance to work with family.
You spend the most time with people you work with. Being a family owned and operated small business, we have a pretty unique work environment, with many team members being family. Those that are not family sure begin to feel like it after a little while. Working with family isn’t always easy, but having the opportunity to work alongside family is special and something we wouldn’t trade for anything.


3. The privilege of serving your family.

Providing your family with access to the best farm fresh pecans available is not only one of our greatest blessings but also one of our strongest responsibilities that we do not take lightly. For it is you who fuels our many other blessings. Thank you for your support , thank you for allowing us the pleasure to take care of your family and thank you for choosing us.

It’s easy to get distracted and swept into the busyness of the holidays. We hope that you take the time to reflect on the things in your life that bring you the most joy. Just know that you are one of our greatest blessing and we can’t thank you enough for choosing us.

Happy Thanksgiving!