The Key to Fantastic Farm Fresh Pecans Year-Round


Farm fresh pecans are awesome. And once you try them, it’s tough to settle for anything else. The texture is firm yet buttery, the flavor is rich, yet refreshing and the color is golden amber. Nature has a way of doing it best and we are fortunate to be the stewards who deliver delicious farm fresh pecans to families around the country, all year long.


Contrary to popular perception, pecans, in their natural state, are perishable. Farm fresh pecans contain high levels of essential oils (one of the reasons they are so tasty), and therefore have to be stored in such a way to preserve their natural essence and the integrity of the essential oils. So when you see pecans on a dry shelf in the grocery store, just know something had to be done to keep them from spoiling (roasting, chemical bath, etc.). 

The great news is that when farm fresh pecans are stored correctly, farm fresh pecans actually have a pretty lengthy shelf-life. To get the most out of your pecan-eating experience, simply follow these simple storage guidelines and enjoy farm fresh pecans all year long. 


For long-term storage, store farm fresh pecans in the freezer. 

Because of the wonderful essential-oils found in farm fresh pecans we mentioned, temperatures below freezing work to perfectly preserve farm fresh pecans in their entirety. In fact, when stored in an airtight plastic bag, pecans will stay fresh up to two years in the freezer. The key to storing pecans in the freezer is the container. Keep flavor in and moisture out. The re-sealable plastic bag that comes with every 1-pound quantity of our farm fresh pecans works perfectly for storing pecans long-term in the freezer. 

When storing pecans in the freezer, feel free to remove the pecans as needed. When freezing and re-freezing, the quality will not be negatively affected. If pecans are removed from the freezer indefinitely, it can be expected that the farm fresh pecans will remain fresh for an additional two months.


For intermediate storage, feel free to store farm fresh pecans in the refrigerator.

If you are not planning on using all of your pecans immediately, feel free to store the farm fresh pecans in the refrigerator. It is important, however, to realize refrigerators have higher moisture contents than freezers, so to prevent farm fresh pecans from becoming soggy and stale, we recommend storing farm fresh pecans in a glass or thick plastic container in the refrigerator to prevent unwanted moisture from making its way into the pecans. When stored in a solid-walled container, farm fresh pecans will stay fresh up to nine months in the refrigerator.


Farm fresh pecans add so much flavor and texture to any and all recipes. For this reason, it’s important to know and follow storage recommendations to ensure you are not only protecting the flavor, texture and color of your farm fresh pecans, but that you can enjoy the unforgettable essence farm fresh pecans offer any time of the year. 

To ensure you have access to these helpful farm fresh pecans storage tips, every farm fresh pecan order we receive is fulfilled with a handy-dandy laminated storage tips card for easy reference and long-term remembrance of how to get the most out of your pecan-eating experience year round.