5 Weirdly Cool Pecan Oil Uses


You may be thinking "Pecan what?". Trust me, you aren't the only one whose curiosity is aroused with the concept. Just like olive oil and avocado oil have been long used in cooking for ages, other nut oils are quickly gaining in popularity, but for far many more uses than traditional culinary practices. 


Quick Pecan Oil Facts: 

  • Pecan oil is made from extracting the natural essential oils held by the pecan. Oils can be cold- or hot-pressed. Cold-pressed is thought to be superior when partaking for health benefits since the oil is extracted at the minimum temperature possible to avoid changing the natural integrity of the oil.

  • Pecan oil contains 50% percent less saturated fats than does olive oil.

  • Pecan oil's smoke-ability point (the temperature at which oil begins to break down and burn) is 470*F, 145 degrees higher than olive oil and butter.

  • Of all the tree nut oils being produced today, pecan oil ranks #1 for antioxidant content.

Now that we know more about it, let's dive in to the many diversified uses for pecan oil that you might be surprised to know. 


1. Cooking and Baking
Well, duh! No surprises on this one. Because it is so versatile, feel free to use pecan oil in any of your favorite recipes. From fruit muffins, to salad dressings to frying meat, enjoy the added health benefits and enriched flavor of choosing pecan oil.


2. Leather Treatment
Have a favorite pair of leather shoes that are looking a little worse for wear? Freshen them up by applying a layer of pecan oil to the leather surface. Not only will the pecan oil even out the leather color, but it will also condition the leather to help your favorite shoes go the extra mile, literally.


3. Carrier Oil
Maybe you are into the essential oil lifestyle and maybe you aren't. But if you are, you will be excited to know that pecan oil makes a perfect carrier oil for your other essential oils. Because it is light and practically odorless, you can rest assured that pecan oil will do the job for you in your wellness journey. 


4. Joint Liniment
Here's a fun fact: your skin absorbs around 60% of the substances it comes into contact with. That's HUGE! So if you suffer from chronic achy joints, this might just be your thing. Rub a generous amount of pecan oil over a particularly tender joint such as your knee, shoulder, hip or ankle, and message until absorbed. Do this regularly to build lubrication and enjoy relief from your joint soreness.


5. Skin Moisturizer
For similar reasons as the previous, pecan oil makes an excellent moisturizer. Being naturally hypoallergenic and raw, you can be confident that your skin is getting  only good out of this oil. If you suffer from dry skin in the winter or are just always looking for a great way to naturally moisturize, you won't be disappointed by pecan oil.


Now that we cleared the air on what pecan oil is, it's many benefits and the ways it can help make your life easier, I hope you feel more comfortable with the idea of utilizing some. 

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Kalyn Grokett