The One Where Patience is a Virtue


As one of the only U.S. pecan growers to take pecans from the tree-to-the-table, we have a pretty unique perspective. We have a hand in every phase of the production process, and the result is unforgettable quality and flavor.


But as a grower, our patience is put most to the test. As we prepare for the next generation, we are constantly growing new trees and freshening up the gene pool, if you will. The time from planting to first harvest for a tree has a little to do with the tree and a lot to do with the climate, soil conditions, and the available water access the seedling is exposed to.


In our neck of the woods, our trees grow in the black gumbo soil of the Neosho River Valley. Though this condition contributes most to the truly unforgettable flavor and exceptionally high quality of our pecans, it extends the amount of time it takes from planting to first harvest. For us, our trees take from 12-15 years from planting to first harvest.


I wish I could say all we have to do is stick an in-shell pecan in the ground and set a timer for 15 years. But it’s definitely not that simple. You see, food production is never that simple. From the moment we plant to the moment we first harvest, we have carefully invested in the future of those trees, those pecans and therefore, our family.


From carefully planting, to grafting, to watering, to pruning, to nurturing, we can proudly look up and realize 15 years have gone by, and then hopefully receive the fruits of our labor.


At the end of the day, there is gobs of risk in any food production. But with much risk, comes much reward. Few things compare with the feeling of watching the sun set over a grove of perfectly managed pecan trees and knowing that, because of the years of work invested, families, including our own, can enjoy safe, wholesome and nutritious pecans.