62 Oklahoma Teachers Walk into a Pecan Company...


Kiddos are now 4 to 5 generations removed from the farm. This means basic knowledge of where food comes from can be very limited. The conversation around agriculture is fading and is it at the cost of the younger generation... but there is hope for Oklahoma!

By now, you know all about our love for our community and agriculture and our passion for sharing our story. 


Earlier this summer, we were honored with the opportunity to host more than 60 Oklahoma educators, urban and rural teachers alike, at our state-of-the-art shelling facility. We walked through the shelling (removing the shell) process, answered questions about raising and growing pecans and just had an awesome time connecting over the common ground of food. 

In this process, we noticed a need. In order to help teachers most in the classroom with their students, we wanted to be sure they had relevant resources. Not knowing of any specific to the pecan industry, we just made our own! 


Introducing our Education page! Here, you can find resources useful in educating others or self-educating oneself about pecans.  Be sure to check back frequently as we will be adding more fun information as we get closer to fall harvest. 

As with all our opportunities, we so enjoyed chatting with the people who help mold the next generation. A big thanks to the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture and Oklahoma Ag. in the Classroom for arranging this great day!


As always, if you have a question about pecan production, pecan processing, pecan nutrition or anything in between, know we are always here to serve as a transparent resource. You can drop us a note here!