Farm Fresh Fancy Improved Native Pecan Halves

Farm Fresh Fancy Improved Native Pecan Halves

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Our farm fresh fancy improved native pecans are a little bigger than the native variety (but still have a delectable flavor) and are perfect for snacking, roasting, baking and sharing. Their beautiful color and natural eye appeal is perfect any time of the year. 

As with all of our raw pecans, our improved native pecans are locally-grown.

Our farm fresh improved native pecans are all naturally grain-free, gluten-free, kosher, low-carb, and chocked full of antioxidants so you can feel great about enjoying them every day!

These improved native pecans are packaged with love in 1-pound bags, 5-pound boxes and 30-pound cases.

Please note that fresh raw pecans are naturally perishable and that we recommend that they be frozen for extended freshness. 

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