Virgin Pecan Oil - High-Heat Healthy Cold-Pressed

Virgin Pecan Oil - High-Heat Healthy Cold-Pressed

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Boasting more than 50% less saturated fat than does olive oil, pecan oil happens to contain more antioxidants than any other nut oil. It has a neutral flavor that naturally enhances recipes, and gives you options for high-heat cooking when other oils just don't.

Here are a couple of the high points that set pecan oil a part:

  • High Smokeability (the point at which an oil breaks down and burns) of 470*F. Butter and Olive Oil have a smoke point around 320*F, to put things in perspective.

  • Cold-Pressed, meaning the oil is extracted from the pecan meats at the minimum temperature to ensure the oil’s integrity remains intact.

  • Flavor enhancing from the natural neutral flavor of pecans that naturally complements any flavors when paired.

    This pecan oil is packaged for you with love in a 250ml bottle.

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