Addicting Apple Nachos with Native Pecan Halves

Snacks are my lifeblood it seems like most days. Sometimes I don’t have time to stop for lunch (which I definitely don’t recommend) and I find myself reaching for any processed, pre-packaged snack food I can get my hands on (also not something I recommend).

These little rascals have quickly become my go-to mid-day pick-me-up. With their natural sugars, healthy fats and hunger-fighting protein, you can easily stay on track and gladly wave “sayonara” to your old pal, the saturated-fat king, the candy bar.


What I Love About This Recipe:

1.       This is a recipe for all ages. Make for the kiddos after school or treat yourself to a guiltless indulgence.
2.       These are completely customizable. Add some yogurt instead of the peanut butter, pick your favorite chocolate chip, toss some toasted coconut in, and maybe even throw some caramel in there. Make these little guys your own favorite snack.
3.       This can serve one person or you can create an Apple Nachos Bar with assorted toppings and turn it into a perfect party appetizer.



1 Apple (I prefer a crisp and tart apple like Honey Crisp, Jazz, or even Gala)
1 Handful (1/4 cup or so) of Farm Fresh Miller Pecan Company Native Pecan Halves
2 Tablespoons Chocolate Chips (I used Milk Chocolate)
2 Tablespoons Melted Creamy Peanut Butter (or your favorite nut butter)
Other Topping Ideas Include: toasted or raw coconut, cinnamon, honey, sunflower seeds, yogurt chips, granola, whipped cream, hazelnut spread, maple syrup, cream cheese or anything else your heart desires.


1.       Slice apple into thin slices and arrange on a plate.
2.       Drizzle with melted peanut butter, and sprinkle on chips and pecans. Add any other of your favorite toppings.
3.       Enjoy by yourself or share with a friend!