Easy Butter Pecan Ice Cream (made with pantry staples)

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It's here- National Ice Cream Month! What a glorious thing to celebrate. Having grown up with summers filled with my grandmom's homemade ice cream, I always look forward to a trip down memory lane this time of year. 


As you know (if you have been following along), my pantry is pretty traditional. So I love finding recipes that don't require a special trip to the grocery store for ingredients that will only ever be used in that recipe. That's why I think you'll enjoy this recipe, if you can relate. 

Why I Love this Recipe:
1. It's home-style, meaning it captures the traditional taste of vanilla ice cream. The molasses from the brown sugar really gives this ice cream a taste of nostalgic flare. 
2. If you wish, feel free to use different flavors of instant pudding and add different toppings to make this ice cream your favorite.
3. This recipe as written, makes about 5 cups of ice cream. Depending on your needs, you can easily double, triple or quadruple this recipe and not negatively change the outcome of the recipe. 


3 Cups Whole Milk (you can substitute 2% milk instead if you prefer)
1 Can (12 oz) Evaporated Milk
1 Cup Brown Sugar
1 Package (3 3/4 oz)  Instant Vanilla Pudding Mix
1 Teaspoon Vanilla (more to taste)
2/3 Cup Miller Pecan Large Pecan Pieces
1 Tablespoon Real Butter (you won't want to substitute the fake stuff here, trust me) 


1. In a small saucepan, melt butter on medium heat. Add pecan pieces to the butter. Stir constantly until aromatic, about 5 minutes. Be careful not to scorch the pecans. Once toasted, place in the refrigerator to quickly cool. 
2. In a medium mixing bowl, combine the whole milk, evaporated milk, pudding mix, sugar and vanilla. Mix thoroughly with a whisk.


3. Once combined, pour into ice cream maker cylinder and start churning per the manufacturers instructions of your ice cream maker. 

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4. About 10 minutes into the churning process, add the the buttered pecans. 
5. Once finished churning, serve immeadiately for soft serve or transfer into the freezer for 4 hours to allow the mixture to completely set up. 
6. Enjoy! 

bp ice cream 6.jpg
Kalyn Grokett