Our Roots

Brothers Jared and Jason Miller in our Retail Store

From the river bottoms and creek beds of Northeast Oklahoma, the Miller family is proud to provide environmentally responsible, delicious, nutritious, locally-grown pecans for families all around the state and country. 

With their father, Len, brothers Justin and Jared Miller began growing and harvesting pecans in the mid-1980s. As their passions evolved, the Miller brothers desired to carry on their father's legacy in pecan production as well as expand into other areas of the pecan processing business. 

From first building a custom cleaning facility in a nearby Kansas town, to constructing harvesting facilities in Miami, Oklahoma to landing a home in Afton, Oklahoma, the family business has continued to grow and evolve into an even more surreal embodiment of their father's pecan dream. 

Today, Miller Pecan Company is one of the only producers in the United States to handle their pecans from planting, grafting and harvesting to cleaning, shelling and marketing, allowing them to ensure the highest quality imaginable for their customers.  

2017 Pecan Grower of the Year


Recently, the Miller brothers were recognized as the 2017 Growers of the Year by the Oklahoma Pecan Grower's Association. Because of their commitment to environmental stewardship, participation in industry activities and progressive production standards, Justin and Jared are proud to represent not only themselves, but the entire pecan growing industry, by accepting this honor.